Delta + Producent Wkładów barkowych Poduszek barkowych

Company description:

Delta + is a manufacturer of the highest quality shoulder pads, sleeve head fillings, materials for sleeve head fillings and clothes hanger covers. We are a strong and well-established brand on the market. We have been continuously concerned about improving a quality of our services and therefore have had a reputation of a reliable firm. Our firm's offer is addressed to all those who care about competitive prices as well as professional service. Our strengths are: *product highest quality *EKO-TEX Standard Certificate *full service *fast and reliable supply *attractive range of products on offer (over 2000 designs) *competitive prices *latest trends *cooperation with clothes best designers and firms worldwide By establishing a relationship with us you will ensure a solid and reliable supplier to your firm.

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    Address: Delta + Producent Wkładów barkowych Poduszek barkowych
    Południowa 14
    Brzeziny, 95-060, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 468742016
    Fax +48 468742016

Our products:

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